Fred Ravencrest
Fred is a friendly Alliance guild on the Ravencrest realm (EU). We're a group of old (and new) friends who's main goal is to have fun playing the game we all enjoy. We had a long break from WoW during WoD, but we're back in force for Legion. We're focusing on fun over progression, we're not a hardcore guild, and you won't be yelled at for making mistakes. We're taking the guild in a direction towards sociability and having a fun time, and we want every member of our raid team and guild to enjoy their time with us. We'll make every effort to achieve that and combat anything that might threaten it.

And while we are taking a slightly more casual approach to raiding this time, we still expect to make good progression at a pace that suits us. Most of us are experienced raiders, although perhaps a little rusty, so we have a good base to build our guild and raid team back up and do well in the space we've chosen.

If you're interested in joining, please contact any of the following people in-game.

Rhenn - Guild Master
Cysha - Officer
Poot - Officer